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How do I start planning a build or extensions?

Starting any project can be daunting so we have summarised the process below to give you an idea of what to expect.

The Paperwork:

  • Getting a quote

    At the initial visit, one of our architects, technicians or surveyors will discuss your brief in order to get an understanding of what you hope to achieve from the proposed project.

    Based on our experience we will advise on what is achievable and will provide you with a fixed fee proposal following our visit. 

    Our initial fixed fee proposal will include a number of examples of similar projects carried out by us. You are also welcome to visit some of our recent work and meet some of our existing customers should you wish to.

  • Approval

    Your Local Planning Authority (LPA) is responsible for deciding whether a development (anything from an extension on a house to a new shopping centre) should go ahead.

    We will advise on the best way to approach the planning application. Some extensions, loft conversions and some changes of use of commercial properties can avoid a Full Planning Application which we will advise you on, having established the full extent of your proposed works.

    We will manage the planning application process on your behalf and liaise with the LPA, dealing with queries in a timely manner to enable your application to be approved.

  • Building Regulations

    From obtaining planning consent to the production of construction drawings in accordance with the Building Regulations the Architects Corporation provides a complete service from project visualisation to full implementation and completion.

    Following planning consent the next step to project realisation is the production of construction drawings in accordance with the Building Regulations; a service which is provided to you with continued flare and professionalism.

    The following types of project amount to ‘Building Work’ as defined in the Building Regulations:

    • The erection or extension of a building;
    • The installation or extension of a service or fitting which is controlled under the regulations;
    • An alteration project involving work which will temporarily or permanently affect the ongoing compliance of the building, service or fitting with the requirements relating to structure, fire or access to and use of buildings;
    • The insertion of insulation into a cavity wall; and
    • The underpinning of the foundations of a building.

    If your proposed works amount to ‘Building Work’ the Architects Corporation can assist in submitting a Building Regulations application to your Local Authority for approval.

    Our extended team resource includes specialist consultants such as Structural Engineers and Renewable Energy Specialists; together we ensure that your project meets all requirements of the Building Regulations.

  • Party wall agreements

    Some forms of development require notices to be issued to neighbouring property owners prior to the commencement of works under the Party Wall Act 1996. You must notify all affected neighbours and obtain their consent if the work you are intending to carry out work that is deemed as notifiable within the Act. This may include:

    • Work on an existing wall shared with another property
    • Building on the boundary with a neighbouring property
    • Excavating within 3m, or in some instances 6m, of a neighbouring property

    Our experienced surveyors will be able to advise you on all Party Wall matters and are able to act on your behalf and can also act on behalf of your neighbours.

  • Water

    If your proposal involves building over or near to public sewers or any new connections, the agreement of the local sewerage provider (Thames Water for example) must be sought before work is undertaken. Where a formal ‘build over’ agreement are required, an application fee is payable to the sewerage provider.

    Your local sewerage provider, such as Thames Water, is responsible for maintaining thousands of kilometres of public sewers, which are sometimes located within the boundaries of residential properties. Any building works over the top or within three metres of a public sewer require a prior agreement with your local sewerage provider to ensure that no damage is caused to it or restrictions made to the use / maintenance of the sewer.

    We are able to submit and manage a required ‘Build Over’ application on your behalf. 

The Design Phase:

  • Steps & Timescales

    If you’re happy to proceed having received our fixed fee proposal, we will arrange to visit your property to ‘measure up’ and generate our initial scheme drawings for your consideration and comments. Once we have a scheme that you are happy (usually a combination of our initial scheme ideas) with we will apply for planning permission on your behalf. This process takes between six to eight weeks dependant on the type of planning application required.

    Will work with you whilst the planning application is being determination to fine tune your requirements.

    Once planning consent has been granted, we will then start preparing the Building Regulation drawings and other documentation that will be required in the building of your project.

Our top tips:

  • Family and the role of space

    The layout of the rooms and spaces within your home determines how you and your family spend time individually and together.

    Have a think about what you like about your current home and how you envisage / would like to live in the future.

    During our initial free consultation, we will discuss your dreams and how together we can turn them into reality.

Want to know more?

“We hope the above summary has helped, please feel free to call us to discuss further on 01923 227734”

– Alex

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